Weird Feeling

Inhale, Exhale. Breath!

The air runs away from my lungs, the darkness feels the emptiness and my head aches with pain. In the bedroom, just me and my thoughts are alive, just we understand, just we understand the emptiness, the despair, the darkness.

The heart beats exasperated inside my chest, the eyes move along the letters as I write, but the mind, the mind is far away, it´s at home, it´s on you.

After all these years, it´s almost ridiculous thinking that those childish feelings still invade me, but weirdly, they do. Yet, after all these years, of so many silences and heartbreaks. The years have not been good to me, time didn´t heal my broken heart and fade away these weird feelings.

Women in the eye, girl in the heart, that´s the way I feel, a teenager that grow up trapped in the idea of loving a boy that never gave me anything, never possessed the weird feeling that I still struggle to defeat. But do I really attempt to entirely defeat it? I try to deceive myself and say that I do, I try to think that I´m advancing and moving on, I try to convince myself that I have new crushes, new opportunities but it is never real. It is never the same, it never is that weird feeling. I feel, I know that I have to move on, but I´m afraid, afraid of being free, with an open mind, afraid of letting you go.  I´m afraid of not liking you, and worst of all afraid of liking not liking you.

You changed me completely, turned me in a totally different person, someone that even I can´t like, a person that I am not proud to be.

I would like to understand, I really do. I needed your version of things, your story of things, but I will never get that, I will never understand you and one day I will forget these weird feeling. Your face will disappear from my memory, your lips and eyes will be mixed with all the others insignificant ones, you will be just another face, a memory I will not like to relive. You will be dust, fragments.

One day you will disappear completely and I will not have it anymore that weird feeling, you won´t be “home”. You will be nothing!

Will I be happy? I have no idea. But now I know I am not. I think I prefer the doubt! I am weak, near the relinquishing, near the point that I think it´s your wish.


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