I was watching the birds fly away, from branch to branch, from tree to tree and I could not stop myself from thinking that I was not free. I am not free at all. The birds fly away without thoughts and full of spirit and I am on the opposite side. I just can’t sop thinking and at the same time feel like I don’t think at all. My head is full with random, stupid and repetitive thoughts that don’t wanna abandon me, all of them are palpable. Nothing is significant.

The birds spread their wings and fly trough the air. They live while I follow the river flow. I do what is supposed, little of my time is dedicated to the things that I really need or want. Their life is full of color and breezes. Mine is empty. With no big reason, no big purpose.  What am I doing? Letting time slip away and nothing is getting done. I have no guide, no big goal. No big future ahead of me. Just a simple, mundane future.

What should I do? I guess fly away and let the winds pass trough my wings as I rise above from this emptiness.